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Discussion in 'Denied' started by ZipzoIsTaken, Jun 22, 2020.


Do you think Simpzo should be accepted?

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  2. Of course.

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  1. My username is Zipzo and always will be. Not only is my Minecraft username Zipzo, so is my Discord name (Zipzo#0078)! I am almost simp years old too! I come from a small village in the middle of Simpfallia. Depending on my hourly rate depends on how many hours I'll dedicate to the server ;). I am not a Donator <3 Simps don't donate or vote. I believe I would be eligible to be staff for TrinityNetwork because of Simp Nation! (I also got 166 invites just remember).

    I am willing to take on a position as SrMod. If you are not capable to offer this position or higher, I will, unfortunately, have to say no.
  2. -1 Format not followed.
  3. Uhh you can remain as simp. Thanks
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