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  1. IGN: xNotBen

    Previous IGN: Nebster99 & JustNebster

    Discord: NotBen#5300

    Age: 17

    Timezone: BST/GMT

    How many hours can you dedicate to the server daily: 1-3 Hours. If you have a requirement I can definitely meet it if you need more though.

    Are you a donator: Not yet

    Do you vote for the server: I will if I am given link.

    Tell us why you believe you are eligible for staff: I am heavily experienced in staffing. Below is a list.
    Coldnetwork: Head-Mod, SS-Mod, YT-Manager
    Smok.gg: Trial-Mod
    Kesu.gg: Admin, Interviewer, Head SS Team
    ArgonNetwork: Staff-Manager, SS-Manager YT-Manager
    AsteriaMC: Manager, SS-Manager, YT-Manager
    SynaxMC: Manager, SS-Manager, Media Manager, Suggestions Manager
    DawnMC: Admin, Interviewer
    SilentPvP: Manager, SS-Manager, Media Manager, Suggestions Manager
    (As manager and staff manager I was also a Interviewer obviously and I also made staff applications and SS-Mod applications.)

    I also believe that my qualities would be useful to the server.

    If I received staff I will be undeniably loyal. I will do my upmost to do the most for the server and for its best interests. I will not betray the trust bestowed upon me. If I was to receive any other particular tasks I can promise that I will dedicate myself to it.

    I don't feel easily intimidated so dealing with difficult users will probably not throw me off my task to full fill my task as staff. I am not easily rattled by nerves and I have good composure especially when dealing with heated or tense situations. Having this quality also brings success.

    I have some text macros that I use such as "Use /report [username] [reason] to report cheaters." which is useful instead of a user spamming in chat "[user] hacks staff tp".

    I know I am not a expert but I think I know enough so that I can catch cheaters. Also I won't have to waste SS-Mods/SS-Managers time with SS-Lessons. I was also SS-Mod & SS-Manager so I know how to Screenshare obviously and I can teach.

    Like mentioned before I can teach and when teaching it requires you to have a lot of patience. When I was a SS-Mod it contributed to my patience tolerance. Being patient is extremely important or else some situations could become very heated and tense.

    This is a good quality of mine and I know this will useful to the server. With the increase of players joining the server being active is crucial. My life right now has given me the opportunity to have a lot of free time and if I receive this role I can guarantee most of it will be spent on the server doing whatever I can to make it a enjoyable experience for all users and it is a good opportunity to learn how players feel about the server with their feedback. Being active will allow me to gather this feedback first hand.

    Thank you for reading my application. Please leave a review with a rating of +1 and -1. If you have any suggestions let me know before a Manager/Admins read it so I can edit it.
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    Thank you very much!
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  5. Thank you very much!
  6. Thank you!
  7. It is a good application, but you did become repetitive in discord and continuously asked Bri to just accept you or to read over your application i can get proof if you really want me to. On the other hand the staff team here at TrinityNetwork is quite full so you might not get accepted because we need more members who are active and staff who are active and members who are not staff so when the server does launch there is a balance between players and staff online as most of the staff is in the USA I have a feeling that you could get accepted mainly to do with that factor but i am also from the UK and i was one of the first UK that i know of at the minute that have actually have gotten staff. But the decision is up to Bri at the end but i hope the best for your Future weather as a Staff member or Just a member of TrinityNetwork. ~ Aj
  8. Thanks. I know my repetitive asking in discord was joking however, I understand that it probably lowered my chances thanks for the feedback and I know you have 2 UK members of staff.

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