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  1. Hello Trump Supporters,

    It is my great honor to release to you some features that are going to be released in the upcoming server. This is to get you all hyped!

    We want to encourage you all to have fun on Trinity Prison, but on top of that, we have added a competitive aspect to the game: payouts! The top three prestiges by the end of this season will be paid in PayPal money.

    Disclaimer: The maximum prestige is 5000, so if someone were to hit that prestige, then the first three people to reach that level would be paid.

    Staff applications are now on the forums. We no longer will be accepting or denying applications through Discord. If you wish to apply for staff, you may do it here.

    Disclaimer: Your application must be at least 500 words. In your application, please include any prior staff experiences you have had on any other server. Include your age, your time zone, and your country. Feel free to include some general information about yourself so we can know you better.

    If accepted, you must add ARDBZ1017#3514 on Discord as he is the current staff manager and will be in contact with you to bring you aboard on the staff team. You must have a Discord account because it is the primary way we contact each other while not on the server. You not not required to have a microphone.

    If denied, you must wait 30 days before reapplying, else your future application will also be denied.

    Reasons for application denial:
    Word count too short (500 minimum)
    Too young (13 years old minimum)
    Application denied within 30 days
    You have been banned or muted within the last 30 days.

    Our current staff team is working hard on improving the server to its best potential:

    Owner: realDonaldTrump
    Community Manager: PrimePrismatic
    Staff Manager: ARDBZ1017
    Developer: DonaldJTrump
    Admin: bluerqy
    SrMod: Bunxx
    JrMod: goldenorchid
    Helper: Nates_
    Helper: Octybursty
    Helper: FireEagle244
    Helper: Auqh_
    Helper: _5had0w_

    To encourage weekend activity, we are enabling weekend boosters and giving everyone the ability to fly on weekends only.

    We look forward to seeing you on the server and we hope you enjoy your time here!
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  2. Second
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  3. definitely 4th
  4. Nice. Thanks for the info bossman.
  5. Not on that trump stuff tho.

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