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    Discord: SDCRAZZE


    Timezone: CST Central Daylight Time

    How many hours can you dedicate to the server? : 2-4 hours daily

    Are you a donator: Not at the moment. I am currently saving up for a ps4. I am almost there but after that, I will be a donator.

    Do you vote for the server: Yes I do.

    Tell us why you believe you are eligible for staff:
    I think I will be eligible for Staff because I have experience in some other Minecraft servers. Some with my friends and my school but mostly Hypixel, the hive, and other servers. I was a moderator in 3 of them and just a helper in the rest. I have also been playing Minecraft since it came out. Maybe 2 months after it came out but I’ve still been playing for long. Also, I will make sure the server has no Type of slurs or anything that will make people feel uncomfortable. I am also pretty mature for a 15-year-old. I am funny and I have fun with people a lot. I will also make people if they are sad about something. So thank you for reading this.
  2. Hi @SDCRAZZE,

    I have read through your application and decided that you have been ACCEPTED. Even though you are fairly new to the server, you show potential. You will be brought on as a trial staff. If you have any further question please feel free to contact me on discord. Congratulations!

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