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    Hello everyone, I thought I'd make a little guide, to teach you how to rank up and progress on this server.

    When logging onto the server you have access to /kit Starter. This comes with a pickaxe, a sword, and shovel as well as some steak.

    During the weekends you have access to /as (autosell) and /fly (allows you to fly.)
    On Trinity, you have access to something called tokens. With this you are able to purchase custom enchants to make your mining experience much more enjoyable, and much more OP.
    I suggest getting Jackhammer, as well as some speed and haste as your starting enchantments.
    When first logging on, make sure to read the rules so you do not get in trouble, and do /warp A to get started on your journey. When you have enough money your progress bar on the right-hand side will show you are able to rankup. You would then do /warp B, and as you rank-up you keep on repeating this process until you Prestige.

    Note: If you vote for the server, you get access to Trinity Keys. By doing /cc you have a virtual GUI, that allows you to open up the crates no matter where you are on this server.

    You also have the option to make an e-token shop at your plot. The item-id for the tokenshop is 378#1. All you have to do is type /te withdraw (amount) to get the amount out that you want.
    Use /enchant to access the enchantment aspects.

    You also have the option to donate to the server with very special perks on the buycraft which is:
    By donating for certain perks, or ranks, you will get access to all sorts of new things such as permanent access to /fly, or access to really cool kits.

    Make sure to rate this guide, and let me know if I have missed any specific topics for the early stages of your journey on Trinity Prison. Thank you for your time on reading this little guide.
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  2. This is a really nice guide, I think you hit it pretty spot on when it comes to early stages of the game. A few other notes, to enchant the command is /enchant. Another aspect of the game is the mob arena. You can join, leave, spectate and change your class using the command /arena.
  3. Perfect for people new to prisons. This will definitely help those players new to the server. @PrimePrismatic you should pin this.

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